Hello Dota 2 Philippine Gamers

Hi i’m currently working on uploading DOTA 2 Videos (MLG Style) on my Youtube channel.
You might get a chance to be featured in my videos
If you don’t know what MLG is:

Adjective- to describe something as cool (usually in a sarcastic manner)
may known as (Thug Life)..
but with a Pinoy twist

Why you should submit a cool Dota 2 Clip
some countries may known Pinoy Dota or Peenoise Dota is a bit rude, we can change the way they think
thru making videos that is worth a watch
plus it Features Pinoy Gaming and also features you!
and it is also fun

(To be qualified):
you must submit a pre recorded clip
wondering why you should submit a recorded clip?
to avoid the match replay expiration

(Where Can i Submit the Clip):
Send me your Clip
right through this email


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